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Sapphire & Steel: The Railway Station (Part 6) Sapphire & Steel
Assignment Two
"The Railway Station" Part 6
TV episode
Writer: P.J. Hammond
Directed by: David Foster
Original air date: November 1, 1979


Steel and Tully make mistakes. And where does that leave Sapphire?


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Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode



fighter pilot (unnamed, spirit form)

Pvt. Sam Pearce (spirit form)

George Tully


submarine crew (spirit forms)


Didja Notice?


At 10:50 on the DVD, a light suddenly moves across Sapphire's seated body as she speaks to Steel. I think it was probably the result of a production crewmember maneuvering a reflector panel on the set to illuminate the actors as Steel takes a seat at the table next to Sapphire.


At about 11:47 on the DVD, it seems like actor David McCallum as Steel may have made a slight slip in his delivery. He asks Sapphire how many other spirits is Sam Pearce expecting at the railway station, saying, "One? Five? Ten? A thousand? A hun--. I mean, there must be a lot of applicants, surely." It seems he was about to say "a hundred" after he had already said "a thousand", which would be a bit odd to suddenly drop to a lower number in his list of possibilities. It may be that the originally scripted dialog was "One? Five? Ten? A hundred? A thousand?" but he mixed up the last two numbers and caught himself part way and just continued with the next part of dialog, "I mean, there must be a lot of applicants, surely." Listen: a lot of applicants


Is anyone able to identify what the pin on the front of Private Pearce's cap is? Presumably, circa WWI.

Pearce's cap 


Memorable Dialog


such things as ghosts of the living.mp3

we shouldn't be here.mp3 


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