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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Sapphire & Steel: The Man Without a Face (Part 1) Sapphire & Steel
Assignment Four
"The Man Without a Face" Part 1
TV episode
Writer: P.J. Hammond
Directed by: David Foster
Original air date: January 27, 1981


Children from the past play in and around an old pawn shop.


Read the episode summary at the Sci Fi Freak Site or Watch it at Shout Factory


Notes from the Sapphire & Steel chronology


In this episode, Sapphire finds a photo and says it was taken in 1884 and Steele responds, "96 years ago." This tells us the current year is still 1980. The previous assignment, "The Creature's Revenge" took place in January 1980.


Characters appearing or mentioned in this episode


parasol girl



H. Williamson (previous landlord of the building, mentioned only, missing)

Liz Duprey (name not revealed until "The Man Without a Face" Part 3)

Ruth Phillips (Liz's roommate, mentioned only, missing, name not revealed until "The Man Without a Face" Part 3)

Man Without a Face


Didja Know?


The children who come out of the old photographs were played by child actors wearing sepia-toned clothing and make-up to give the appearance living beings from an old photo. See the interview about Sapphire & Steel at the Internet Archive.


Didja Notice?


At the beginning of the episode, the song sung by the children is an old English nursery rhyme, "See-Saw Up and Down".


At 8:23 on the DVD, volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica are seen on the shelves of the pawn shop as well as a copy of Lectures on Diseases of Children (1925) by Robert Hutchison.


At 12:35 on the DVD, an old advertising sign for Spillers is seen in the second-hand shop. This may be a sign for Spillers pet food or Spillers flour (though I've been unable to confirm the exact logo seen here). Spillers was a British company of flour milling, bakeries, and pet food from 1829-1997.


At 14:40 on the DVD, the book Photography Today by D.A. Spencer that Mr. Williamson has apparently been reading is seen. This is an actual book, published in 1941.


At 15:56 on the DVD, a box of Mazda light bulbs is seen on Williamson's shelf. Mazda was a brand name for light bulbs used by General Electric from 1909-1990, named for Ahura Mazda, the god of the Zoroastrian religion whose name means "light of wisdom".


Sapphire finds a photo of a drinking fountain and realizes there are four children missing from it. She says it was taken in 1884 and Steele responds, "96 years ago." This tells us the current year is 1980. "The Creature's Revenge" took place in January 1980.


Liz is suddenly more cooperative with Sapphire and Steel after Sapphire places her robe on her and unfreezes her. It seems that Sapphire's ability to lull men into cooperation (as seen in previous episodes) also works on women!


It's never stated outright, but it may be that Liz is a prostitute.


Memorable Dialog


this is the way to London town.mp3

so the place is haunted.mp3 


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